Back in 1897 along the banks of the River Spey of Scotland, a group of businessmen started a whisky distillery with the intention of producing one the world’s finest single malts. That distillery is Tamdhu.

Over more than 200 years has passed, Tamdhu has gone through many changes including a brief closure, yet one thing has remained the same: the superb whisky that comes from the casks in this distillery.

This recently released Tamdhu Batch Strength continues this tradition of superior quality single malts. This Speysider carries a rich sherried flavor thanks to its maturation in American and European oak sherry casks.

Whisky aficionados will also notice hints of walnut and spices on the nose and taste flavors like cinnamon and cracked black pepper.

Tamdhu gives a lot of credit for this single malt’s superior taste to its owners longstanding “can-dhu spirit.” Capturing this superior taste on your own palate is now a can-dhu too.