Imagine the possibilities for new concoctions with a dash of any of these unique flavors – Smoked Chili, Citrus, Aromatic, Orange, and Ginger Lemon. The cocktail opportunities are endless! These flavored bitters really take classic cocktails to new heights.

Each recipe was crafted to match a particular spirit. Although all flavors can, and should, be experimented with, they all have a true home in one of the classic spirits. Professional bartenders or at-home mixologists can have a bundle of fun with this boxed bar set. Try the orange flavor with a classic whiskey recipe or add a dash of the smoked chili for a new twist to a traditional tequila or mezcal drink.

The origin of bitters is medicinal, but clever cocktail experimentation has made them the essential tool for bartenders. This set is perfect for a bartender just getting their bitters collection started.