Whiskey distiller Ciaran Mulgrew’s father John Mulgrew was what the Irish call An Fear Ciunin—“the quiet man”. John was a Belfast bartender for over 50 years and despite the assuredly convivial nature of the trade he knew when to keep his mouth shut and just keep the whiskey flowing. Ciaran named this traditionally handcrafted Irish whiskey, the first bottled in Derry in over a century, in honor of his father’s respectfully reserved countenance. The high percentage of malt imbues this spirit with a pleasing mellowness with a hint of sweetness, qualities we never mind in our bartender either. Available in an 8-year-aged single malt with a palate rich in honey, spicy oak, and vanilla as well as a 4-year-aged traditional Irish whiskey with a smoky, sweet and spicy complexity and a warm finish, Quiet Man opens up with a splash of water. An ironic twist, as most quiet men open up with a splash of whiskey.