Sink right in… to the many flavors of this coastal Scotch whisky.

Smoky, earthy, and with delicious hints of apple, just one sip of this 24 year old, single cask delight will please the finest palate. It’s a coastal whisky that’s truly worth its salt. As a show-stopping gift, or an addition to any Scotch aficionado’s collection, Highland Park will be well received.

With the taste and aromas of this edition, you’ll be transported to a classic time where the finer things in life were appreciated. So cozy up by the fire, put your feet up, (in slippers and robe if possible!), and enjoy this perfectly crafted whisky.

Aged for 24 years from 1990 to 2014 in the legendary Orkney distillery, the flavor of this fine whisky is best served straight up or on the rocks. As the cooler months approach us, allow yourself the pleasure of warming up with the familiar yet distinct flavor of this Scottish treasure.