Crafting the finest cocktails is hard work.

It often involves squeezing citrus (sometimes into your eye), putting a flame to a garnish (and sometimes to your finger), and—sometimes—vigorously shaking the top-shelf ingredients contained in an unsealed cocktail shaker onto the entire bar.

While being a mixologist often has tasty rewards, it still has risks. This stylish apron is the perfect solution for protecting your fine attire from those occasional bar mishaps. There’s no need to mess up that Prohibition era dress or your most dapper suspenders. Tie this Baldwin leather apron around you and get pouring. It comes with an adjustable neck strap and two front pockets for your go-to cocktail tools too.

According to Moore & Giles, this leather darkens beautifully and “can take any punishment you throw at it.” So go ahead and get a little crazy behind the bar and try that new trick you’ve been working on.