Aurum is the Latin word for “gold,” a word that is appropriate all-around for this bottle and its producer. This liqueur is golden in color and like gold to collectors of fine spirits.

This 1970s liqueur is the perfect pairing of aged brandy and orange distillate. It is sweet and rich on the palate with a refreshing citrus finish and hint of orange bitters. And thanks to the addition of saffron, this tangy spirit appears as a beautiful pale gold. This vivid liqueur uses the peels of oranges grown in the Italian region of Abruzzo, where Aurum is still producing orange liqueurs today—a testament to the quality of spirits they produce.

For a vintage quality liqueur, this Aurum bottle is reasonably priced. It’s a treat for the liqueur connoisseur in your life. You know, the friend with a rainbow of sweet digestivos in their spirit cabinet. What comes at the end of a rainbow? A pot of gold. Or, in this case, a bottle of Aurum.