Speakeasy releases drink easy cans for their delightful little Pilsner Pop Gun. It is a part of their Session 47 lineup—a powerful team of beers crafted with easy drinking and flavor in mind. Brewed from only the best German Pilsner malt, Pop Gun is a flavor rich beer that delivers a full body with incorporated notes of honey and malty sweetness. The flavor is especially enhanced due to the German Magnum, Hallertau, and Saphir hops that act to balance the malt offering a crisp, bitter finish. The combination of hops also molds the aroma into a delicately awakening scent of tangerine, floral notes, and spice. Pop Gun meshes well with many meats, mild cheddar, younger bloomy-rind cheeses, and light desserts such as berries or lemon shortbread cookies. This versatile beer is available year round and will instantly become a top favorite that you’ll return to time and time again.