Apple picking season picking is upon us with thoughts of cinnamon, cider, and pie. The folks over at Black Button Distilling have brilliantly squeezed all the sweet and delicious good stuff into one of their fabulous concoctions. Their new release of Apple Pie Moonshine fully encompasses the fall vibe. Made from 100% real New York state fresh pressed apple cider, unaged corn whiskey, and a dash of cinnamon, this stuff packs a delicious punch without the burn. Careful, they say spirits of this caliber will sneak up on you—40 proof and an incredibly smooth finish. So curl up by the fireplace with your favorite winter blanket, huddle around a bonfire with that matching hat and mittens combo, or gather around a table with friends for autumn festivities with your glass of comforting Black Button Apple Pie Moonshine. This stuff really is a must for this time of year and it doesn’t hurt it brought home 92 points from Wine Enthusiast Magazine.