It’s September and summer is finally coming to a close… What!? It’s time to get our pale ales in gear for our last few summer cookouts and barbeques before the season ends! These select favorites are sure to bring a solid buzz and breeze to the party, keeping you cool while you relax in the last of the hot summer sun.


Zombie Dust
zombie dust drinkmemag,com drink me Top American Pale Ale

Apocalypse-themed summer party, anyone? This funny-named ale is full of hops and a citrusy, tropical fruit aroma. The bitterness is fairly mild for beer fanatics that desire a smooth drink. Contrary to the intense name of this pale ale, it actually is a very light, savory beverage that’s perfect on a hot summer day!



Born Yesterday APA
born yesterday drink me Top American Pale Ale

Fun fact, this pale ale is bottled and shipped the same day, giving you the freshest ale you could get your hands on! This ale is packed with malt, citrus fruit, zest, and tropical fruit aromas, providing the balanced fruity flavors. This beer in particular has a medium amount of bitterness which makes it super easy to drink! So, if you weren’t born yesterday, you better get your hands on this ale!



Lights On
lights on drink me Top American Pale Ale

Lo and behold, some more amazing citrusy flavors with this pale ale. Right up front you can taste the mango and guava flavors, accompanying the grapefruit zest that it adds to the overall finish of the ale. It’s a slightly dry beer with almost no bitterness right down to the last sip!

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Deal With The Devil
deal with the devil drink me Top American Pale Ale

Ready to make a deal with the devil on trying this flavorful pale ale? With more tropical fruit aromas dominating this ale, there is some zest in the background providing a mild bitter taste. It has a dry finish with pleasant carbonation, making this one another easy drink for your warm days.

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tornado drink me Top American Pale Ale

We sure don’t want any tornados, but you may take a second look at this one! This beer was originally crafted in light of the events that took place during the June 1st, 2011 Brimfield tornado. It’s loaded with notes of pine, tropical fruity flavors, and floral kicks. With lingering bitterness, this awesome beverage will be a summer favorite for sharp-tasting beer fans.

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