Move over ‘Nice Girls’ – there’s a new chick in Brooklyn and she’s here to kick some booty. As a former combat actor, Mia Van de Water decided to hang up her gloves for grapes. In addition to teaching at the West End Grill Wine Program, this sommelier is happy to share her knowledge outside the classroom, and the sweet and spicy dishes of The Islands restaurant is the perfect place for her to showcase the versatility of this sweet white wine from le Graves section of Bourdeaux.

At a cozy table for two in the attic of the small Caribbean hotspot, Mia and host Leiti Hsu pair a second label Sauternes with an unconventional Sunday Brunch comprised of plates of fiery jerk chicken, caramelized plantains and saucy calypso shrimp. The ladies compare the different tastes before deciding that each pairing is unique and delicious in its own right. Click on the below video if you believe that great food can come in small restaurants and one good Sauternes deserves another!