From the land of musketeers comes one of the world’s most marvelous spirits. Armagnac is produced by the incredibly talented distillers of Gascony and is unique in its grapes, production method, and of course, character of the land from which it comes. Here are some of the greats of the region!

Armagnac Castarède – XO 20 Year

 Castarede drink me

Price: $83

Just like Wonder Woman, this exposes power and complexity with an utterly refined grace. Its concentrated nose reveals scents of black fig, candied apple, violet, honey and chestnut. On the palate it is round with a dry spicy character and long sandalwood finish. ­-JA

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Maison Gelas – 50 Year Baco

Gelas drink me 

Price: $550

The ultimate jaw dropper with tantalizing aromas of candied peach, dates, honey and caramel. A superbly rich intensity matched by a zippy freshness, it further expresses flavors of cinnamon, black pepper and a long smoky finish. –J 


Château du TariquetArmagnac Blanche

Tariquet drinkme 

Price: $45

A simply exquisite example of just how good Armagnac Blanche can be. This 100% Folle Blanche unveils succulent notes of pear, quince and iris. Incredibly crisp while balanced out by a soft texture and rich almond notes on the finish. –JA

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Delord Bas-Armagnac – Napoleon

Delord drink me 

Price: $39 

A lovely countryside delight with gorgeous perfumes of citrus peel, lavender and lemon verbena. Softly balanced with a nice dryness, spice flavors unfold with hints of black pepper, anise and nutmeg on the finish. –JA

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