Willi Sturz, the oenologist at Tramin Winery, describes Epokale as “A forgotten wine that we have decided to reintroduce to these times.” The wine is made using Gewürztraminer vine, which has been cultivated since the Middle Ages. This vine excels in a lower climate, which is why the vine flourishes in this high-altitude vineyard. The Tramin Winery grapes are grown between 300-500 meters up, with a South East orientation, which creates a temperature change that fosters the grape’s aroma compounds. This technique produces a sweet wine, usually white, with highlights of high residual sugar content. The taste is reminiscent of peaches, with a sweetness that lingers on the tongue. This wine’s unique taste is altered by the rare use of volcanic porphyry found in the soil, which adds a distinct mineral complexity.

Once bottled, the wine is matured for seven years in a mine, where specialists check for clarity by illuminating the bottles with torches. The Epokale wine is modeled after medieval vino, this item has immediately made its mark as a collector’s item. Pour a glass and toast like the Knights of the Round Table would have.

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