As the temperatures begin to drop, snuggle up in a blanket and enchant your taste buds with

Château de Mercuès Grand Vin Seigneur, a wine that has won four awards. With a single sip you will understand why, and likely be tempted to pack your bags and book a stay in the hotel that opened on the same location!

This meticulous winery keeps wines from each plot separate, in order to ensure consistency and continuity. Delicate tannins are extracted by pumping the wines, and then aging the nectar for 12 months in barrels made of Allier oak.

This dark red wine has deep, almost perfumed notes. It has a spiced vanilla nose that is reminiscent of nutmeg cake, but when it hits your tongue notes of cherry and ripened fruit burst forward. This jovial wine pairs superbly with salty and battered dishes, so splurge on beer-battered asparagus or falafel to celebrate this decadent drink!

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