You sink into a leather couch, ready to relax and crack open the book you’ve been meaning to finish for months now. You uncork a stunning bottle of Icone Wow by Malbec de Cahors and watch as the vivid burgundy liquid fills your glass. The dark tannins grip onto your tongue before you’re hit with the satiny taste of dark currants. “Exquisite” is the perfect word for this drink.

“Wow” may not be a name you would expect to be bestowed on an elegant wine, but take a sip and “Wow!” will be the first thought to run through your mind. The grapes for this wine are grown in silt and clay rich soils on vines that have been aged for thirty years before they are harvested and de-stemmed by hand, and then left to mature for two years in a wooden barrel, undergoing malolactic fermentation while inside. The elaborate fermentation process produces an extraordinary wine that is destined to be paired with a discerning dinner, like oyster or truffle-butter lobster. Get ready to splurge on a history of cultivated quality.

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