Sometimes, with the plethora of wine options surrounding us, we find ourselves searching for a classic red, a drink that can be flawlessly paired with a plate of sliced apple and aged cheese. At the highest altitudes of the Malbec de Cahors vineyard, 300 meters high, the grapes for this time-honored wine are grown at a southwest and southeast angle for maximum sun absorption.

The grapes are planted in limestone and clay rich soil. The aging process is temperature controlled, and the wine is kept on the skin of the grapes to create a unique flavor profile. This wine is particularly well-designed, with refreshingly light tannins, so even tannin-sensitive wine-drinkers can partake in the joy of sipping. With a sweet and cordial flavor, it’s the ideal wine for a girl’s night in or an intimate dinner for two. This wine pairs excellently with sharp cheeses, creamy pastas and smoky meats. Pour a glass and satisfy your classic urges with a refined touch.

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