Chateau de Mercues’ Malbec 6666 is first and foremost an exceptional wine, but this gorgeous bottle also moonlights as a spectacular centerpiece. The wider-than-average bottle is luxuriously packaged, with a deep purple foil wrapping the cork, and a white label with a stunning purple crest. This wine is packaged like a gift, which is fitting for the value inside.

The grapes for this wine are grown at a 65% higher density than other vineyards around the region. The wine is aged for 18 months in a wooden barrel. By the time the wine is on your table it has fermented into a deep crimson that tastes reminiscent of holiday desserts. Your palette will thank you for the notes of licorice, chocolate, and a rich, molten fig and berry pudding. This wine is so decadent that you could give it in place of a floral bouquet, which is important to keep in mind as the holiday season approaches. This is the perfect bottle to impress your boss, meet your significant other’s parents, or to pop open for a special anniversary. Expert tip: Serve with chocolate cake or butternut squash linguine.

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