After all the fun drinking and dancing of vacation, we cannot forget the importance of rejuvenation. The Wayak Spa at Viceroy Riviera Maya incorporates healing herbs into repairing the well-being of each individual. The shaman is from the Yucatan village of X-pichil, who cares for the special healing plants incorporated into the spa treatments. Of course, the process of healing is different for every human being because of how different each body is. Rightfully so, the shaman develops a personalized healing experience for each guest.

To bring convenience and comfort to the guests, there are four different in-villa treatments available. Top’ Che is a body wrap and aromatic sea salt scrub that nourishes and softens sun kissed skin. Maya Reflexology stimulates pressure points and clears the body’s energy channels. IchKiíl is a Mayan rebirth bath. This bath cleanses all the exhaustion from work and energizes you for a new round. Stone pedicure uses heated stones, which are an integral part of the Mayan healing process, melting stress from always being on our feet.

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