The maker of the award-winning Cinco Vodka announced the release of the first Southern-style gin. Azar Family Brands are bringing a completely new gin taste profile complemented by citrus, clove honey and mint. The driving force behind Seersucker Southern Style Gin was the desire to create a gin that is approachable, easy-to-mix with great recognizable Southern flavors that still maintain the nuance that gin drinkers will appreciate.

Seersucker is slow-distilled in a hand-hammered copper pot still and is made with all natural botanicals to maximize quality and flavor. The flavors of lemon and orange zest are balanced with just the right amount of juniper, which creates layers of sweet flavor. The approachable nature of the spirit not only comes out in the flavor by also in the branding with Traditional seersucker patterns and warm blues that evoke the southern warmth and hospitality. Enjoy this versatile spirit with a club soda or in a traditional gin cocktail right on time for the derby season and the warm summer days.