Wine comes in different bottles with different tastes, labels and grapes. But when you go out with a couple of friends, your significant other or some colleagues, wine brings everyone together. Afterall, there is a reason wine bars exist. Humble Grape Battersea Wine Bar is no different, if anything it’ll be in your top 3. The bar’s mission is for you to enjoy the wines on their frequently evolving wine list on your terms; whether it’s buying a bottle and taking it home or ordering by the glass, carafe or bottle from the bar, you are in charge of your experience provided by the lovely workers in purple aprons.

 Besides wine, the bar offers small plates such as scallops, duck salad and confit pork belly that you may pair with the wines, along with cheese and charcuterie plates. The location offers wine tasting events and has the opportunity for your personal curation of a wine tasting in a private dining space. The menu extends to main dishes, plates to share and of course, desserts. Other beers and spirits are offered as well.

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