Built on creative roots, Stillwater Artisanal was brought to life by former internationally renowned electronica DJ and producer Brian Strumke. His past career lead him on his path towards brewing and a deal between Brian and Brooklyn, NY based Twelve Percent Imports to produce and distribute Brian’s brews. Stillwater, known as a gypsy brewery, has no owned facility but rather produces their mixes by using existing breweries. This unique process allows Brian to travel and create in different countries.

With a clean finish and high drinkability, Stillwater Spaced Pale Ale is a sessionable beer in a league of its own. Crafted with spelt and wheat, bottled in a futuristic and funky can, this Ale creates an intriguing taste of sweet citrus that is anything but ordinary and nothing less than fantastic.

Brewed in up-and-coming Baltimore, Maryland, this nostalgic beer, due to it’s presumed tribute to the late 90’s TV show starring Simon Pegg and and Jessica Hynes, promotes a classic with a fresh new take.