With tasting rooms and craft cocktail hours on the rise across the globe, drink curators are seeking to come up with unique and innovative ways to serve their beverages to customers. Malene Wines of San Luis Obispo, California has recently done this with their new mobile tasting room – The Malene Scene.

This tasting room is inside of a 1969 Airstream Overlander Trailer – the iconic silver bullet viewed as the pinnacle of 1960’s surf culture. The trailer itself is spacious enough for a tasting bar, and a small, cozy sitting area for a few guests to relax and sip the signature Provençal-style rosés by Malene.

What’s on tap in The Malene Scene? A few of the winery’s favorites, featuring their newest release: the 2017 Vintage Rosé. This wine is crisp, dry, and Grenache based, with the typical style of the winery’s rosé collection, and crafted from fruits primarily picked from the Santa Ynez Valley. This vintage, alongside of their 2015 and 2016, are available to taste on the Airstream, and are an excellent way to spend a weekend-night out.

The tasting room will currently be on the road at different locations, like concerts and music festivals, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights! Its standard space will be a parking spot adjacent to Chamisal Vineyards’ tasting room in San Luis Obispo, but on days when it’s on-the-road, you can find its location via the @MaleneWines Instagram page, or the hashtag #MaleneScene – can’t wait to try this out? Track it down and experience the Malene Scene!