Say hello to Woodstar, a new low-alcohol berry beverage for the nights when you want to socialize without the next day’s headache. Crafted in France’s Cognac region, Woodstar is made with acai berries harvested in the Amazon. After soaking in alcohol, the acai berries are blended to make a delicious, detoxifying 1% ABV drink. It is named after a species of hummingbird, the Amethyst Woodstar, that lives in the Amazon, and like the bird, Woodstar is light, beautiful, and fun.

After a twelve-week blending process, Woodstar reaches the bottle as a delicious substitute for wine. Woodstar gives you the freedom to choose whether or not you want to participate in heavy alcohol consumption, while still participating in the social activities that go hand-in-hand. The anti-oxidant heavy acai berry makes this the perfect drink for the health-conscious socialite. With its sophisticated and light fruity taste, Woodstar is the best alternative to an alcoholic beverage out there.

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