From the infamous Mona Lisa, to pizza, and Snooki- Italy is the homeland for many famous icons. What is Italy’s most iconic alcoholic beverage, you may ask? With around 40-million bottles produced every year, grappa wins by a landslide. Grappa is so popular in Italy, in fact, that the European Union protected the name in 1989-meaning the drink can be called the grappa only if it was produced and sourced in Italy. The main ingredient in grappa is pomace, which is a pulpy mixture of grape skin, seeds, and stalks that were left over from the winemaking process. One of the most intriguing grapes used to make great grappa is the Nebbiolo grape- and is the inspiration behind Domus Nebbiolo da Barolo Grappa.

From the Domus range, this grappa is true to its Italian roots. Following age-old traditions and staying true to the native Italian customs, the makers of this beverage invite you to rediscover the native land of Italy through the bottle. With notes of roasted apricot and walnut, followed by dry cinnamon, Domus Nebbiolo da Barolo Grappa is a pure taste of its own. Just a touch of brandied cherry tops it off, giving a refreshing and rich finish.

Discovering the entire land of Italy in one moment may seem impossible; but with one sip of this authentic grappa, you sure as hell will be convinced otherwise.

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