Brian Dunn established the Great Divide Brewing Company in Denver’s Ballpark Neighborhood. The flavorful beers that were created were unique to the Denver, Colorado lifestyle. Brewed in a high quality and attentive process to create the high quality beers that live up to the high expectations of craft beer drinkers.

The Barrel Aged Yeti is specially aged for 12 months in whiskey barrels. This combines the stout flavors with a hint of whiskey scents and tastes. This in turn curates a complex array of flavors that compliment each other and provide a impressive closure to the open variety of delicious flavors. Sweet and mature vanilla flavors mixed with oak are prominent in this beer.

Offered at 12 oz bottles and 12.5% ABV, The Barrel Aged Yeti Beer is recommended to be paired with a grilled porterhouse steak, roaring 40s blue cheese, vanilla cheesecake, and brownies.

The Barrel Aged Yeti goes for $12.