With a nomadic thirst for exploration, Domaine Gayda is marching to the beat of their own drum with their En Passant excursion. Since 2003, Domaine Gayda has carved out their own path in the Lush plains of France. Tim Ford, Anthony Record, and Vincent Chansault put their brilliant minds together in order to revolutionize wine making and distribution. With an already impressively creative stable of delicious wines, the three partners have once again come up with a beautifully original plot to continue carving out their path in the world of elite wine making.

The En Passant campaign is a new exclusive release of red and white wines that will be distributed annually. Each release will be extremely exclusive with only 30,000 bottles per year (20,000 red 10,000 white). Each wine is strictly based on that vintage and each vintage will feature different vineyards, grape varieties, and wine making techniques from year to year. Not only will each release be specific to their vintage, but they will also all be sporting their own beautiful comic book style labels bringing forth a refreshing originality to the world of delicious wine making.

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