With distillers stretched across sixteen countries, Palm Bay International is exactly what they say they are… international. Their well-traveled and worldly pursuit of the highest-grade ingredients has resulted in this third generation family owned business becoming a beacon of success in the world of tasty wines. Their continued commitment to finding the best wines across the globe and giving those wines a platform to reach a more international audience has earned them the respect that they so rightfully deserve. In the lush and rich farms of Northern Italy lays their Roscato distillery. There you can find a beautiful tale of ying and yang with their Roscato Dark and Roscato Smooth red blends. When comparing and describing Roscato Smooth and Roscato Dark, one can’t help but think of the devil and angel on their shoulders.

Much like the devil on your shoulder, Roscato Dark is a tantalizing and seductive wine. Its pleasing balance of ingredients lures the drinker into a warm comforting flavor. Notes of Blackberry and plum give this wine a silky smooth entry that is then dramatically shifted with contending bold flavors. The black fruit sensations are countered by a rich taste of chocolate and coffee. These shifting flavors will challenge and excite those who dare to dance with the devil.

Unlike it’s sibling Roscato Dark, Roscato Smooth presents an inviting taste that keeps it’s charm all the way through each sip. It’s sweet candy like notes of cherry and raspberry will leave the drinker in a state of bliss. These sweet tastes then flow into notes of creamy vanilla. These vanilla notes are what make the namesake of this wine not hyperbole. With a seamlessly creamy finish this wine will be sure to lift the spirits of all who partake.

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