John L. Sullivan Irish Whiskey will arrive nationwide in time to corner the market for St. Patrick’s Day. The New England-based global wine and spirits distributor, M.S. Walker, recently decided to re-introduce Sullivan and bring it back to its second home in Boston. The blended Whiskey is named after the legendary boxer—the last Heavyweight Bareknuckle Boxing Champion of the world and the first Heavyweight Gloved Boxing Champion—John L. Sullivan. The son of Irish immigrants, Sullivan was famously nicknamed ‘The Boston Strong Boy’ back in 1858. Today, ‘The Boston Strong Boy’ is also the name of a cocktail recommended on the company’s website: 2 oz. of John L. Sullivan, 1oz lime juice, poured over ice with a splash of ginger ale and a lemon twist to garnish.

Like the man who inspired it all, the Irish Whiskey packs a smooth punch. Crafted in small batches, it relies on only the finest local ingredients and Irish grain. After it is aged in Bourbon casks and triple distilled in copper stills, the flavor carries subtle notes of spice and vanilla. John. L. Sullivan is about finding balance in history and craft. It is about remaining loyal to storied traditions of Irish Whiskey production, while embracing new and different avenues. Find yourself the bottle that’s here to unite all modern sporting men, women, and Whiskey lovers this St. Patrick’s Day.