We’ve come a long way since the cellars of yore. No longer are our pantries rife with creepy crawlies. Never again will we brave a rickety ladder with a tallow candle in hand just to plunder the stores for a midnight snack or a bottle of wine. From iceboxes to refrigeration systems we’ve leapt and bound out of chilly basements. That being said, modern temperature regulation systems do come with climatic fluctuations.  And even if you arm yourself with thermometers, hydrometers, and other ‘ometers they’re no good if you’re not sitting there reading them. And who wants to crouch by they wine fridge all day graphing humidity levels?

The Sensorist will take care of all that. It will track it. It will graph it. It will record it. It will send it to your handheld device for the to-the-minute heartbeat of your precious bottles nestled and now safely maturing in their wine rack.

If you’ve got the patience to lay away a bottle, you want to make sure you’re doing it right. And if you’re going to sell a bottle, you’ll have the documentation to show how well you took care of it.