What is your quest?

To find the Holy Grail, of course.

A four-year study researching the effects of different variables on bourbon to find the “Holy Grail” of bourbon has come to its last release. You and King Arthur need not partner up, just obtain Single Oak Bourbon. After experimenting with recipes, entry proof, stave seasoning, grain size, warehouse, char number, and tree cut, Buffalo Trace Distillery will release their final of sixteen releases. Included will be several samples with either a wheat or rye recipes alongside a mixture of other factors tested. Tasters can register their opinions and reviews of the 192 barrels over the years on the Single Oak Project website to help their favorite win the title. Ready your senses and make haste to your case of samples to assist Buffalo Trace with their quest.

Available in cases of 12 375mL bottles, retailed for $46.35/bottle