The much-anticipated smoldering ball of gold has finally returned to the sky in full force giving off rays of warmth. While the world embraces the invisible heating and light-giving blanket, your cold drinks begin to melt at first exposure. Don’t let them suffer the same fate as the Wicked Witch, support them with Soiree’s patent-pending Dimple glassware.

SOIREE Dimple Pint drink me

Currently available in a 22oz stemless wine glass and pint glass, Dimple is the first self-chilling glassware to hit the market—neither fear the ice cubes slowly disappearing at the expense of a watery beverage nor your favorite brew losing its chill quicker than you want to drink it anymore. The dimple is a frozen insert piece complete with a magnet to keep it in place that plugs into the bottom of the built-in silicone coaster. With the ability to stay cold for 30minutes, the dimple gives you complete control over your drink. Remove or replace to achieve the right sipping temperature, which is especially helpful for outdoor festivities. Both the wine glass and pint glass are the perfect compliment to whatever you decide to pour. Both are available in sets of two for $49.99. Keep on keeping on without worrying about a warm drink tarnishing the mood.

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