Fresh ingredients delivered to your doorstep monthly for all your cocktail needs at a fraction of the price for similar services. SaloonBox combines convenience with cocktails. Each box contains your recipes by expert mixologists from around the nation alongside four total servings and all non-perishable ingredients. The only thing buyers will have to provide is a glass, ice, and the occasional fresh fruit.

Keeping costs down does not come at the expense of the quality of the items. Ingredients also come in small bottles to avoid high prices and leftovers. Included in your box is a letter with information about the ingredients and brands. The recipe cards are tastefully designed and easy to follow with background information on the drink and the recipe’s mixologist. SaloonBox’s method allows its customers to try a variety of alcohol without committing to a larger bottle quite yet.

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SaloonBox takes great pride in its groundbreaking service. They thoroughly vet each mixologist and test each recipe and all products to ensure quality cocktails every month. Different bartenders also curate boxes each month to limit any repeats. Your subscription will auto renew but can be cancelled or altered at any time. Utilize SaloonBox to discover your new favorite drink!

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