The auction specialist of wine has been bestowed upon us. GrapePip allows individuals looking to release some unwanted and superfluous wine stock to some very wanting customers on a user-friendly auction platform. The unique marketplace brings together vendors with willing buyers from around the globe that will welcome and cherish each bottle bought. Its modus operandi falls closer to a traditional auction house. GrapePip will handle all aspects of settlement, fulfillment, and redistribution to make the process hassle-free on users and wine does not have to be moved until it’s sold.

Founders Caspar and Victoria Bowes built GrapePip to alleviate the daily waste of excess wine in the wine world. Many wineries and private collectors have extra stock just sitting in cellars. Now, those bottles find themselves in the hands of someone ready to remove the cork. The Bowes have fostered a growing community of wine lovers that have a thirst for discovering or selling those “forgotten wines”. Each wine sells for its natural market value with a very low commission rate to ensure its vendor maximizes their returns. Joining is free and comes with a £20 voucher for the first purchase. Now get to searching for that undiscovered new vintage at a fraction of the retail price.