A boy scout saves the Maldivian president from an attempted assassination. The first ever bionic eyeballs are transplanted into two blind patients in London. Nepal’s legislature votes out a 240-year monarchy and the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is established.

There are a few reasons 2008 was a good year, but Maisson Bruno Paillard’s 2008 Assemblage  is definitely the bubbliest and easiest to drink. With a mild growing season that year and relatively little sunshine, conditions were optimal for the grapes to ripen slowly on the vines, attaining a perfectly balanced acidity that often proves elusive to growers. Bruno Paillard created a premier cru blend of 42% Pinot Noir, 42% Chardonnay, and 16% Meunier from ten terroirs across the Champagne region, and it’s been ageing in the Paillard cellars for the last seven years, including a year’s rest post-disgorgement.

The 2008 Assemblage  has just been released in the United Kingdom, keeping to the Maisson’s tradition of releasing vintages later than many Champagne houses. Fortunately this is a bottle that’s well worth the wait, delivering exceptional intensity and a vibrant freshness that truly delights. Why not pick up a bottle and toast that brave Maldivian scout today?