There are many reasons a person decides to go alcohol-free: pregnancy, designated driving and sometimes to take a break when one gets too much of a good thing. Now with Seedlip’s non-alcoholic spirit line, those choosing not to imbibe can still join in the fun with a flavorful, refreshing beverage.

Served straight or as a mixer, Seedlip Garden 108 provides the cool snap of hand-picked peas, the natural greenness of fresh-cut hay and the chill breeze of summer nights. An herbaceous finish rounds off the finish and offers a complex flavor profile to the overlooked market of NA beverages.

Inspired by the 1651 reference guide, The Art of Distillation, the makers of Seedlip Gardens seek to recreate the non-alcoholic tonics while adding their own spin on the copper-distilled recipes.

Growing in popularity with up-scale bars and restaurant, Seedlip Garden 108 is sure to go the way of its predecessor, the 2015 Seedlip Spice 94, which sold out right before Garden 108’s release. Be sure to grab a bottle while they last so you can keep the taste of summer the whole year round.

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