There’s no shortage of conversation with this… gigantic piece.

Regardless of what you see in it, it’s made to hold wine. This wine pot, designed by Valentina Carretta and made by Secondome for its Funny Fauna collection, is not just for any wine lover either.

It’s extravagant, and the wine lover who owns it should also be described in the same way. This wine lover lives life like it’s packaged in technicolor. He or she spends money in a grandiose fashion, enjoys unique art with flair, and is occasionally overcome by a whim to sing and dance.

If you know this wonderful human being, surprise them with this large wine pot, made of borosilicate glass and handblown in Italy. And if you’re the one living boldly… Do. Your. Thang. Treat yourself. You make the world more interesting, and you deserve it.