Life is full of decisions.

With this glassware, you have one less to make.

Whether you want to drink a dirty martini or a clean, crisp wine, you no longer have to spend time peering into your kitchen cabinet deciding on the right glass. Just go with the Vino-Tini 2-in-1 glasses. These fun and beautiful glasses flip over to accommodate your drink of choice. Each side of these glasses is perfectly sculpted for the drink it serves, so you have the best of both worlds with no compromises in flavor.

The Vino-Tini 2-in-1 glasses will also save you some much needed space in your bar while keeping you prepared for parties. Chic, modern and practical, this glassware is great for any home bar. Save time on one less decision, and choose these glasses.

Of course, you then have to decide if you want a cocktail or glass of wine. Decisions, decisions…