So, you’ve been out drinking and your fingers clumsily play with those tempting keys. You feel fine, maybe a slight buzz at the most, but all the studies say even one drink can impair your mental and physical state. All you can think of is your bed; the alcohol-induced drowsiness is kicking in and you just want to be home. You eye a police car hiding in an alleyway, now nervous you tuck the keys out of sight and give the officer a nod as you walk by. He’s watching.

Never be put in a position where you don’t know your exact BAC again. Floome is a small, sleekly designed device that fits in your palm. Using police grade technology combined with an app, Floome is easily plugged into your iOS, Android, or Microsoft compatible smartphone. The app gives you step-by-step instructions to guide you through a successful Breathalyzer test. If your results pop up green, you’re within the legal limits of your country’s allowance. If the screen goes red, you’re above those legal limits. Don’t worry, Floome gives you an estimated sober up time so you can decide to wait it out before getting behind the wheel, take a cab, call a friend, or find somewhere to eat. Floome wants users to have an easily accessible tool to increase safety while out drinking.

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