Trying new cocktails can be a daunting task—everyone has their own version with ingredient tweaks here and there. Is the risk worth the reward? You go out to the liquor store and purchase a full sized bottle then trudge to the grocery store to gather the other necessities. What happens if you don’t even like the drink? All that money for the products to collect dust after your taste buds sends them to a timeout. So, what about trying a new cocktail at your favorite bar? Let’s be honest, cocktails are pretty pricey outside the home and if you’re a daring individual, well you best hope the bartender knows a thing or two. Now, if I were to tell you that you could get weekly cocktails delivered to your door, would you be willing to expand your cocktail palate?

Saloonbox understands your struggle and wants to shed some light for you. This cocktail-kit subscription allows you a chance to try a variety of cocktails curated by the best mixologists from all over America. What’s in the box? You’ll notice a recipe card complete with exact measurements, instructions, and information on both the mixologist and alcohol. Then carefully packaged and protected you’ll find every ingredient listed on the card including fresh produce. With enough to make two servings, Saloonbox is perfect for date nights or to impress a close friend. Easy to make and easy to follow, you will not be disappointed with Saloonbox. Now every week you’ll have something to look forward to (who doesn’t enjoy seeing a package patiently waiting outside their door?). But, Saloonbox needs your help to make subscription cocktails the new fad. Check out their Kickstarter page to find out how you can help. Every little bit counts and receive rewards depending on your donation. Never let mystery cocktails scare you again!


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