Firebox is an online retailer based in London, England, founded by college friends Michael Anton Smith and Tom Boardman. Their inventory covers many different products from baby toys to high-tech gadgets. They created this company to allow the public to meet with original and interesting products. Most of the products are made for people who are drawn to obscure, abstract commodities that are unique and hard to come by. Only the most original, most exciting products get picked to be on the site.

Firebox’s latest edition to ‘Mythical Tears’ spirits range, Phoenix Tears Spiced Rum was recently released to the public. This magical looking spirit that once shaken, will allow you to lose yourself in the glittering golden embers that swirl through the dark and mysterious rum. Carrying aromas of brown sugar, cinnamon, ginger, and dried fruit, this mythical spiced rum will have your liquor cabinet shimmering!

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