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You might be a little skeptical of a beer made with cranberries any time of the year, but recommend this beer during Thanksgiving… and you probably think we’re head over heels for a marketing ploy. We get it, seasonal flavors are all the rage right now. The thing is though, the Allagash Red Howes Stout is actually a beer we’ve been waiting to tell you about for months. It’s that good. It’s always good. It just happens to be an even more perfect pairing this week. Feeling a little full? Skip the cranberry sauce and pour yourself beer.

When a bartender offers the beer for free if you can name the variety of cranberry in it, you’re in a great bar.  One of two possible cranberry varieties makes this stout a tasty treat.  Berries, coffee, and chocolate burst in your mouth. Portland, Maine 8.5%. 93 /100 Points. -AM