The 70’s weren’t always about long, hippy hair and lava lamps. No, there were other important things going on at the time as well – like world peace. Perhaps the greatest thing to come from the 70’s? (OK, besides David Bowie) Long John 12 Year Old Ceramic Jug.

This antique spirit was produced back in the 1970’s, and was sure to bring the cool and retro vibe continuing with the ceramic jug its held in. An ideal collectors piece, the Long John blended Scotch Whisky Ceramic Jugs are the perfect addition to your memorabilia collection. The story goes that Long John Macdonald was an infamous bootlegger who came in from the cold and licensed the Ben Nevis distillery, just outside Fort William, in the year 1825. From there, the distillery has been passed down from many generations and various countries – giving this blended whisky true historical significance.

Set the antiquarian in you free with the Long John 12 Year Old Ceramic Jug.

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