It’s a Saturday afternoon on one of those absurdly beautiful spring days you wish you could fold at its blue-skied edges and tuck away until the winter doldrums hit. You’ve just finished your household obligations, a gentle sheen of perspiration having formed on your forehead throughout your various dustings, mowings, and miscellaneous putting things to right. A self-congratulatory beverage is surely in order, yet your refrigerator’s offerings seem pale, bordering on mundane.

With serendipity unmatched outside romantic comedies and rigged casinos, your neighbor drops by with a six-pack of Redd’s Limited Release Cranberry Ale. The bottle you choose is rife with icy condensation, and when you pop the cap the heady and zesty cran-apple aroma that rises lets you know you’re in for a treat.

Crisp, light, effervescent, and with just a touch of balancing bitterness that lets you know this is still an ale and not a cider, Redd’s Cranberry Ale is exactly what your weekend needs. It’s a limited edition release as well, soon to be followed by Blueberry Ale and Ginger Apple Ale, so get them while the getting’s good and break the boring beverage stalemate in which your refrigerator is currently ensnared.

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