Dating back to 1575, the Bols family began a small distillery in Amsterdam using the “inner harbor” Damrak as their main source for ingredients. With more than 250 different liqueurs and genever recipes to their name, the Bols family crafted each one using a variety of exotic herbs and spices brought back by the Dutch East Indian Company from all over the world. Damrak rose in importance from the local community becoming a mooring place for merchant ships arriving from and departing to their far off destinations in the 17th century. The family name stood the test of time by releasing many quality spirits

Now, Lucas Bols Distillery still stands facing Damrak. With such rich history and a deep-rooted relationship with the area, the Bols family felt no other way to honor the longtime service than to craft a gin representative of and named after Damrak. Damrak Gin encompasses the main original herbs and spices that founded the very original spirits by the Bols family. Citrus and juniper subtly embrace each other with undertones of licorice, coriander, and sixteen other botanicals. The intricate mixture allows Damrak Gin to entice its drinkers for one more round.