Thwap! The sound of juicy Angus burgers flipping on a charcoal grill fills the air, along with the soft sizzle of butter melting in slow rivulets along the succulent kernels of a pile of ears of corn on the cob. The sun is still hot and high in the sky around 4PM on a lazy summer Sunday afternoon.

You’re around ten years old and to you a summer BBQ calls for a cherished delicacy, one your granola-crunching, cultured yogurt-making mom doesn’t let you have every day. Discretely you make your way to the bright red Igloo cooler and reach your hand into its frigid depths. The cracking sound of an icy cold cherry cola opening has your mouth watering before you even bring the lushly condensed can to your lips. You sip–the bright and heavenly sweet scent of cherries and the sharpness of cola is carried over your taste buds on a bubbling, tingling wave of effervescence.

Okay, so that was all a few years back. Now the Best Damn Brewing Company  has released a cherry cola for the grown-ups at the BBQ. Best Damn Cherry Cola  has the same crisp, rich cherry cola flavor and oh-so-satisfying bite of sparkling carbonation you recall so fondly from your youth, but at 5.5%ABV it’s deliciously adult. Go ahead, crack one open this BBQ season. Mom’s not looking.

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