“Spirits artistry born in Cognac” Located in the heart of Cognac France, Audemus Spirits strives to create imaginative spirits by drawing inspiration from traditional distilling techniques fused with modern alchemy. All Audemus creations are produced with a small batch production philosophy where unconventional drinks are born through the blending of a variety of ingredients. Each spirit undergoes reduced-pressure distillation so each aromatic is macerated separately in the alcohol then distilled at controlled temperatures to craft concentrated aromatic extracts. Those extracts are assembled with a base of slow-reduced French wheat spirit similar to how a perfumer would produce their creations. The final products are non-chill filtered in order to retain as much of the original flavor and aroma as possible.

One such example of the exquisite flavor combinations is Audemus Pink Pepper Gin. This entirely unique beverage is both intense and gently aromatic that evolves and ages in both the bottle and glass. A young bottle tends to express spicy notes of pink pepper, juniper, and cardamom. Over time, the gin warms up pulling out sweeter hints of vanilla, tonka, and honey. Pink Pepper Gin is full bodied and sits perfectly for sipping or infused into a cocktail.

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