If your definition of an IPA doesn’t include a light, citrusy summer brew perfect for an afternoon on the beach, then you haven’t yet experienced genre-defying Hop Slice Session IPA, the newest  seasonal offering from the Deschutes Brewing Company. Brewed with a floral blend of hops including Galaxy, Cascade, and Amarillo, the addition of zesty Meyer lemon during the brewing process creates a welcome citrus counterpoint.

The resulting brew is Crisp, (capital “C” intentional) lightly floral, and citrus-driven, and with a mild IBU of 45 and an ABU of just 4.5%, this isn’t your Trappist monk, one-and-you’re-hammered, overwhelmingly bitter IPA. It’s the kind of beer that’s longing for a few grains of sand on its bottle.

Go ahead, dare to be one on the beach this summer drinking something other than that watery Mexican beer you have to squeeze a lime in to coax any flavor out of it. Deschutes has thoughtfully brewed your summer citrus right into Hop Slice IPA for you, no packing limes and a knife necessary. Why relegate good beer to the shadowy depths of dive bars, breweries, and pool halls? Hop Slice is the IPA you’ll want to give its day in the sun.

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