Imaging being in the heart of the beautiful and vast Mediterranean forest – green and wild in every direction. As you climb your way 700 meters’ altitude toward a 200-acre plot of abundant clay-limestone soils, you’ll notice something that will widen your eyes and your taste buds: 40-year old Garnacha vines, patiently waiting to be plucked and poured into wine glasses across the world. These grapes seem perfecto for a Provencal style of Rosé, sí? Rodolfo Bastida, chief winemaker for Ramón Bilbao proves that statement with the new Lalomba Rosado 2016.

From the mountain to the valley, the making of Ramón Bilbao’s Lalomba Rosado is a perfectly constructed blend of quality freshness and taste. To create the Rosado, many elements were meticulously thought out and planned- from temperature difference, to UV light exposure and number of sunlight hours, the wine is delicately handled and crafted for the purest taste.

After annual harvesting, the grapes that make up this creamy and appetizing Rosé are taken to the winery, where they remain in a cool fridge for 24 hours. Only the healthiest, juiciest grapes are chosen from the optical sorting table to start the traditional bleeding method, and 20-day fermentation process. These grapes are harvested to speak for themselves, free from the threat of over-aging and over-oaking.  Pale peach in color, with notes of fresh red fruit and floral hints.

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