It’s movie night. While you’ve left your friend in the other room with the task of selecting the film, you’re in the kitchen rummaging through cabinets for the stash of popcorn you know you stocked. Coming up empty handed, you yell to your friend that you’ve got a creative twist on popcorn with a kick of caffeine. Queue Tia Maria.  You mix the popular coffee liqueur with espresso, popcorn syrup, and milk. Tia Iced Popcorn Frappé is truly the star of the night. Kick your feet up, watch, and sip.

Tia Iced Popcorn Frappé

50mL Tia Maria
1 shot espresso
20mL popcorn syrup
50mL milk

Mix Tia Maria, espresso, popcorn syrup, and milk in a glass. Garish with popcorn.