Ragged Branch Distillery is releasing its Wheated Straight Virginia Bourbon Whiskey.The smooth taste, flavor and aroma of the company’s new product is everything the makers had hoped for – and more.

“It has been tough to be patient waiting for our wheated bourbon to come of age, but now that we have it, it was so worth the wait,” said Alex Toomy, owner of Ragged Branch Distillery. “Once we sampled the final product, its authentic and mature taste was distinct, and we feel confident our customers are going to love it as much as we do.”

The new Ragged Branch Wheated Straight Virginia Bourbon will be available at select retail stores, bars and restaurants in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Delaware and Louisiana. It is also sold at over 100 Virginia ABC outlets across the state. The bourbon is 90 proof and sold in 750 ml bottles that retail for $49.99 in Virginia.

The small batch wheated bourbon is a distinctly Virginia product. The Ragged Branch farm produces the raw ingredients used in the bourbon’s mash, which includes a mixture of 66 percent corn, 17 percent wheat and 17 percent malted barley.

“People tasting the new Ragged Branch Wheated Straight Virginia Bourbon are in for a really big treat,” said David Pickerell, the former Maker’s Mark master distiller who serves now in the same capacity for Ragged Branch. “Knowing Alex, the Ragged Branch team and the company’s commitment to excellence in every aspect of making this bourbon, I was confident it was going to be really good, but I think it’s better than good – it’s fantastic.”

Visitors to the Ragged Branch Distillery can sample and purchase the brand’s bourbon and its beef. The tasting room has sweeping views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the Ragged Branch Bourbon Beef is available for sale, fresh or frozen, in a variety of cuts, including filets, rib eyes, sirloins, brisket and strip steaks, as well as ground beef. Half or whole butchered steers also can be purchased.

Ragged Branch Distillery is located at 1015 Taylor’s Gap Road in Charlottesville, Virginia. For more information about Ragged Branch Straight Virginia Bourbon, or to schedule a visit to the Ragged Branch Distillery and Tasting Room, visit www.RaggedBranch.com or call 434-224-2600.

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