Photo: El Pinche Duende

Prohibition, the Gaslamp Quarter’s underground speakeasy located at 548 Fifth Ave.,in San Diego, California, has introduced a new seasonal cocktail menu that is a playful ode to San Diego’s regions, cities and neighborhoods.

Available in time to provide relief from the still sweltering heat, Beverage Director Ryan Andrews crafted these cocktails as a way to cool off and showcase America’s Finest City. Available for $14 each, new selections include:

Not a Morning Person

  • Not a Morning Person, a combination of You & Yours Sunday Gin, lemon, honey, raspberry and R&D lavender bitters, as inspired by South Park
  • The North Remembers, made with Henebery rye whiskey, Jägermeister, lime, almond orgeat, mint and strawberry, as inspired by North County
  • Trip to Belize, a mix of Brugal 1888 rum, lemon, pamplemousse, cinnamon, Dimmi and R&D aromatic #7 bitters, as inspired by Ocean Beach
  • Battle Ground, a combination of peach tea-infused bourbon, lemon, Demerara, egg white, soda and R&D house bitters, as inspired by East Village

El Fruterio

  • El Fruterio, a mix of Azuñia GBOD single barrel reposado tequila, Aperol, pamplemousse, lemon, grapefruit and saline, as inspired by Barrio Logan
  • Pinche Duende, made with tequila, time, celery, basil and tajin, as inspired by the Gaslamp Quarter
  • I’m Sailing Away…, crafted with Bols Genever, watermelon cordial and Bols Elderflower, as inspired by Point Loma
  • So Hip It’s Stirred, made with Japanese Whisky, apricot oleo-saccharum and R&D house bitters, as inspired by North Park
  • Woo Girls Go Woo, a mix of Partida blanco tequila, Chareau, lemon, red bell pepper, Demerara and R&D fire bitters, as inspired by Bankers Hill
  • Yoga Pants, created with Cognac, cashew orgeat, lemon and R&D sarsaparilla bitters, as inspired by Coronado
  • Banana Hammock, crafted with El Silencio mezcal, banana, lime, pineapple, coconut liqueur, Amontillado sherry, vanilla liqueur and R&D smoked bitters, as inspired by East Village

Lowriders and Leggings

  • Lowriders and Leggings, made with Empress 1908 Original Indigo Gin, maraschino, citric acid, R&D cherry apple bitters and crème de violette foam, as inspired by Pacific Beach.

Andrews has also created a trio of top shelf cocktails, priced at $25 each, including:

  • Tears for William Wallace, a combination of Ardbeg scotch, spiced tea-infused gin, crème de cacao, R&D cherry apple bitters and saline
  • Bullseye, crafted with Blanton’s bourbon, Cynar, Lillet and orange bitters
  • Black Forest Rickey, created with Monkey 47 gin, lime, Demerara, cucumber, mint, cracked pepper

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